Not much progress

I haven’t made much progress with my latest jigsaw. The table is not set up the way l want it to and , to be honest , l haven’t been in a jigsaw mood lately. So much has happened this year. My heart goes out to all those affected by Covid. Let’s hope 2021 bringsContinue reading “Not much progress”

A new jigsaw

I hit a mental block with the Wasgij l started so l have dismantled it and started something new. There’s a lot of green and, the box is so small l have to put my glasses on to see the details!! I must be getting old.


Not much progress on the jigsaw. I’m not doing anything much of anything lately. What l did want to ask you is; does your country have Jigsaw Associations like we do in Australia? If you want to find out about the Australian Association you can find them on Facebook. Happy puzzling:)

Week 1 progress

It doesn’t look like much, but, l have made some progress this week. Hopefully there will be more next week. Who knows, l may even finish it Happy puzzling:)


As the title says this website is about jigsaws and the ukulele. First off, jigsaws. I love, love, love jigsaws. Time stands still and l am lost in another world. Welcome to my jigsaw world.

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