New jigsaw and new year

Happy New Year and what better way to start the new year (even if l am 12 days late) with a new puzzle.

It’s another Wasgij and there’s a sticker on the box saying it’s complete. I bought it at an op shop and it’s rare to get one without pieces missing.

I also have a new board, one that tilts.

Hopefully this means that my back doesn’t get so sore, and, fingers crossed the pieces are staying put.

Let’s hope it stays that way.

Happy puzzling:)


Not much progress on the jigsaw. I’m not doing anything much of anything lately.

What l did want to ask you is; does your country have Jigsaw Associations like we do in Australia? If you want to find out about the Australian Association you can find them on Facebook.

Happy puzzling:)

I’ve got my ticket

I was very disappointed earlier this year when l missed out on a ticket to the Australian Jigsaw Association competition in Melbourne this year. It was to be held in November, but, we are still in stage 4 lockdown and the event was cancelled.

I feel very bad for all those who had tickets, but, am very excited to say that l have booked my ticket for the 2021 competition. I was on the waiting list for this year and booked as soon as they opened for next year.

Can’t wait. Happy puzzling.